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XMC Speeds F-22 Aircraft Manufacturing Process by Enabling Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)


After XMC was installed, it took less than two weeks to accurately baseline OEE metrics for each drilling machine and identify major machine efficiency problems - a task that can take months using manual data collection. We then employed our XMC OEE continuous improvement methodology to incorporate this eye-opening data into the customer's weekly team meetings.

The results were dramatic.

In under three months, average machine cycle times dropped 32% as average OEE increased from 35% to 58%. The team converted this increased productivity into 25%, or roughly $3 million, more parts annually with the same machines and the same staffing.


I can't say enough about the support they provided us to meet Lockheed Martin's specifications. Their motion control expertise combined with their outstanding support services far exceeded the industry norm.

John Priester, President JMP & Associates

With new technologies like XMC, we can foresee the day when supplemental hardware and application software could be added to any of a diverse assortment of vendor-specific CNC and general motion controllers with plug-and-play ease.

Richard Mathias, former Boeing Technical Fellow and OMAC Chairman

ROY-G-BIV's XMC API enables a new breed of machine control solutions to emerge, utilizing software abstraction to transform single sourcing dependencies into supplier independent solutions, production, and tremendous benefit to the users.

Sal Spada, ARC Motion Control Senior Analyst